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Turn your basement, room, or outdoor area into a home dojo. These high quality martial arts mats will help you train safely at home for rolls, falls, kicks, takedowns, jiu-jitsu and more! Just calculate your square feet that you need covered and order just the right number for your needs. Choose from black, red, or blue, or mix and match!

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Price:$ 35.99

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Puzzle Sport Mat-1529

Cover your entire floor with our original Puzzle Sport Mat. Made of ethylene vinyl acetate foam to offer a layer of comfortable cushion between you and the floor. Mats interlock with puzzle like edges for easy set up and take down. Easy to mix and match for a multi-colored floor or keep it just one color for a uniform look.

Colors: Red, Blue or Black

Size: 40 inches x 40 inches x .75" minimum

**Note: There is an additional shipping charge for this item.

For large orders please call (800) 626-2787 for bulk shipping rates.
br>Puzzle mats are designed for stand-up martial arts- they provide a cushioned, non-slip surface for practicing barefoot and soft shoe moves and footwork.

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